Lucky 13

We raised red angus cattle on pasture. All meat is dry aged and vacuum sealed. We focus on happy cows and consistent, delicious beef. We give no antibiotics (unless needed in the instance of an illness) and use no added growth hormones. Our cattle are all grass based, rotationally grazing our pastures during the grazing season and eating hay produced on our farm during the winter months.

We raise pasture grazed lamb. Lamb is 100% grassfed with no other inputs.

All meats are USDA inspected and vacuum sealed.


$4.50/lb. HCW and includes all processing fees.

1/4s (split sides) and 1/2's available. If you purchase a 1/2, it will be cut to your specifications. USDA inspected, dry aged and vacuum sealed.


$9.oo/lb. HCW and includes all processing fees. Can purchase a whole or 1/2 lamb.

100% grassfed, pastured lamb.


6638 State Route 80
Tully, NY 13159
 Pasture Raised

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