Country Lane Homestead

Our homestead was started when our family moved back to New York State in 2012. Our initial goal was to raise our own food so that we knew exactly what we were eating. During the Fall of 2012, we started with a small flock of laying chickens and meat rabbits. We were immediately infatuated with the entertainment that the chickens added to the homestead and the educational opportunities that abounded with the breeding of the rabbits. The following Spring we added our first two hogs to our livestock menagerie.

We also are planting a variety of perennial trees and shrubs that will yield a perpetual supply of Maple Syrup/Sugar, Apples, Blueberries, Comfrey, Grapes, Cranberries, Elderberries, Plums, and Seaberries.

Our ultimate goal is to have a homestead that pays us back and is an asset to both us as a family and to our community partners that support our operation and benefit from its surplus.


$4.50 per pound hanging weight including processing. Sold by either a half or whole hog.

Our hogs are purchased as eight week old, 40 pound piglets. Four to five months later they are 300—350 pound hogs that will yield over 200 pounds of the best tasting pork that puts store bought chops, roasts and hams to shame. Our hogs are raised completely on pasture which gives them unlimited access to fresh grasses, clover, grubs, and roots. They are also supplemented with free choice locally milled grains. We sell our hogs by the whole or half hog. A half will normally weigh approximately 100+ pounds. Towards the end of the season, you will be given a cut list so that you can decide what cuts you want, what you want fresh and what you would like smoked. Due to our small operation, all of our hogs must be pre-ordered by March. The hogs will usually finish out and be ready to pick-up at the butcher in September or October.


$4.00 per pound Whole Chickens

Our meat chickens are purchased as day old chicks and eight weeks later result in a four to six pound whole chicken that will be more flavorful and tender than any store bought, mass produced chicken that you have ever had. Our birds are raised in portable paddocks that are regularly moved around our pastures. This allows the birds to consume fresh greens, bugs, worms and anything else that strikes their fancy. Because we are a small operation, our birds must be pre-ordered. We traditionally do two runs of chickens with harvest in both June and September. Pre-orders are usually due in March.


111 Country Lane
Jefferson, NY 12093
 Pasture Raised

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