Bedient Farms

Pasture-based beef operation, raising shorthorn-cross cow-calves and finishing all our beef for direct sale to the consumer. We are not grass-fed only because we supplement some corn silage in the winter time. Otherwise our cattle are pastured, grazing and eating high quality hay that we raise here on our farm. We also raise free-roaming hogs, using barley as the main grain and truly free-range chickens!


$3.65 /lb. HCW including processing

Cattle are born and raised on our farms. They are pasture-raised, grazing during season and eating only hay grown here on our farm during the winter. We use corn silage for energy when it is really cold during the winter, therefore we are not 100% grass-fed. We DO NOT USE antibiotics or added growth hormones.

The price for our bulk beef includes the processing and the product is custom cut and vacuum-sealed.


$3.40 /lb. HCW including processing

Hogs are free to roam and root. The animals have forage (dry hay or grass) at all times along with barley-based or non-GMO grain ration.

Price includes processing and options for smoking bacon, hocks and hams. There are also sausage options.


$3.75 Wholes and $4.00 Halves (Minimum order of 5 birds required).

Our chickens are truly free-range. No cages, no confinement. They have access to water and grain while free-ranging. No antibiotics or added growth hormones.

Chickens are vacuum-packaged.


Whole or Half Animal
Whole Lamb $250-$300
Whole Mutton $200-$300

Lambs are pasture-raised and are supplemented oats.

Price is per animal or half animal processed.


750 West Swamp Road
Middlesex, NY 14507


Angela Bedient
(585) 738-3114
 Pasture Raised

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