Hazlett Valley View Farm

Our small farm is dedicated to providing healthy, good tasting food that has been raised chemically free in a sustainable manner that will leave the land productive for tomorrow's children. We offer grass-fed lamb and beef using heritage breeds that grow and prosper with nature and nurture.


$7/lb. HCW including processing.

Barbados Blackbelly Lamb is mild in flavor and lean on fat. Pasture and/ or hay fed the meat takes on the taste of the land and the season.


We offer whole and half sides of beef in the fall. $5.00/lb HWC including processing.
We do offer Ground Beef in
"bulk freezer packs” , meat is individually wrapped in one pound packages, sold in 10,20 and 30 lb. groupings.


Grass and hay fed based on intensive grass management to maintain healthy soil and happy cows, our beef is lean and flavorful


10861 Sick Rd
Cohocton, NY 14826


Lita Hazlett
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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