Crosswinds Farm & Creamery

Crosswinds Farm & Creamery is a diverse farm operation including 60 milking Brown Swiss cows, dairy beef, pigs, & chickens. A portion of our milk is handcrafted into delicious cheeses & yogurt. We offer a whole-farm CSA/farm-credit program - please see our website for details. We focus on keeping our animals comfortable & healthy, with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, water, and balanced diets. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We can arrange delivery of meat to you in the Finger Lakes, Rochester, Syracuse or downstate/NYC areas.


$3.50/ lb. HCW for half pig
$3.00/lb HCW for whole pig
Individual cuts and freezer bundles also available.

Now taking reservations for whole or half pigs, to be picked up spring or fall of 2018. Average live weight is 250 lb, which gives you approximately 125 lb of finished meat (depending on cuts ordered) . Smaller pigs ideal for a pig roast are also available. Our pigs are mixed-breed crosses, raised outdoors on pasture, natural grains, and whey from cheesemaking.
Smoking & sausage available for an additional fee.


$3.75/lb HCW for whole steer
$4.00/lb HCW for half steer
$4.25/lb HCW for split quarter
Individual cuts and freezer bundles also available.

Good selection currently available. We are happy to work with you to accommodate your requests. Hanging weights average 6-700 lbs. for a whole animal. Our animals are raised outdoors and 100% grass-fed. We do not supplement with hormones and use antibiotics only when medically necessary, which is extremely rare.

$8.50/lb HCW for whole calf
Individual cuts also available.

Our veal calves are cow-raised and 100% grass-fed. They have free access to pasture, weather permitting. You can taste the difference!


6762 Log City Rd
Ovid, NY 14521
 Pasture Raised

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