Bluebird Trail Farm

Bluebird Trail Farm provides pasture raised chicken, turkey, pork, and lamb that has been raised humanely and naturally on our small farm. We rotate our pastures, provide fresh clean water, and feed animals high quality nutritious feeds. Our top concern is the health and living conditions of our animals so we can deliver a healthy and lean meat product. We welcome visitors to hike our 20 acre Bluebird Trail and observe how our animals are raised. Call to make an appointment.



Free Range Cornish Roasters sold as whole birds or quartered at 5-6 lbs.


$4.25 HCW. Some cuts vary. Smoked meats add .30 per pound. We often sell 25lb pork "bundles" which is a variety of cuts ( chops, roasts, ribs, bacon, ground pork) to our customers.

Fed pasture, produce, and grain.


Starting at $7.99/lb HCW; add .30 per pound for ground

Pasture raised lamb cut and wrapped to your specifications.
Fall and Winter 2017



Great White, Bourbon or Bronze breasted free-range turkey. We also raise Royal Palm and Standard Bronze Heritage Turkeys. Turkeys are between 13-25 lbs at delivery. Available year round. Starting in spring 2017 we will offer midget white turkeys. These are smaller meaty birds ( 11-15) lbs,\ with lots of white meat.


951 Harris Road
Corning, NY 14830


Marjorie Seiderman
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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