Cayuta Sun Farm

We produce log-grown shiitake mushrooms, silvopastured pork, and pastured Jumbo Cornish and heritage breed chickens. Our forest farm is inspired and designed using permaculture principles and strategies.


$9.00 lb Heritage Breed

Dark Cornish are old-fashioned birds pastured on grass and under the canopy of a forest for at least 5 months. Rich, dark meat on thighs benefits from months of wild foraging and grain. Great for roasting.

4.50 lb.

Tender and grass-pastured taste on these 3 - 4 pound chickens. Available as whole, frozen chickens.


Custom Cut Half-pig: $6 - 9.40 lb

$6 lb: Fresh cuts vacuum-packed and frozen.
$9 lb: Smoked cuts vacuum-packed and frozen.
$9.40 lb: Smoked bacon, brined in a traditional, synthetic nitrate-free recipe.
$3 lb: Organs, trotters, hocks, tongue

You can order whole and half pigs butchered as you please. You select what type of cuts you would like out of your half. Depending on the season and the age of our hogs in the field, a half pig can range between 60 and 120 lbs. If you have never bought a half (or whole) hog and would like some guidance and have questions about how this works, please call or send us an email and we’ll readily explain. If you do not have freezer space for this much bulk meat, you may be able to rent space at the new Meat Lockers in downtown Corning and Ithaca.

Each year we raise a small number of hogs in our woods. They live their entire life outdoors rooting through the undergrowth and soil for yummy nuts, grubs, and plants as pigs were meant to.

They enjoy the shade of white pines in the summer heat and the warm sunshine of grass pastures. As they use the powerful muscles of their backs, necks and snouts they turn the soil over, creating muddy fields that we plant with pasture grasses for future flocks of chicken.

All the mud, fresh air, sunshine and room to roam, run and root makes for stress-free happy swine. This nurturing and natural environment along with grain, cabbage, goat milk whey, hickory nuts, black walnuts, apples and pumpkins makes for healthy and tasty pork.

If you have only known factory pork, our meats will make you reconsider what pork should taste like. If you grew up on homegrown pork, we’ll bring back memories as well as the pleasure of high quality meat.

If the bargain meats of industrial hogs make you worry about what you feed yourself or your family, then cuts of pork from our pastured herd will bring you nutritious, complex meats that traditional farmers and discerning customers have enjoyed through the ages.


2962 Swamp Rd.
Catharine, NY 14805


Michael Burns
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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